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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Beginnings

To begin, I would like to announce the birth of my daughter, Lileh Jo – born on February 4th – for pics and updates you can check out our Shutterfly page– she arrived 8 pounds, 20 inches and my wife and I are thrilled – aside from the feedings every three hours – the diaper ‘blowouts’ are quite humorous.
As far as other things I have been up to – I’ve been revamping my voiceover site at and have found some new tools to use that I would like to pass along.  If this is your first visit here I have written another blog called Lifenuggs that is a great starting point before continuing here. I have already talked about for use in file sharing, both on sites like Twitter and also as a ‘clickable’ element on my site. There are some great tools out there, however some do not work very well without Javascipt and Wordpress does not have Javascipt enabled. (they are working on this with the allowance of ‘embeddable code’ that allows functionality. )
Some of the new sites that are worth mentioning include Meebo – this allows you to put a ‘LIVE’ chat box right on your site – you have to download software to your computer and ‘log in’ – on your site it will then show you as ‘Available’ – I use this to ‘chat’ with clients about projects, I also have a link on my site for Google Voice that allows then to direct dial me from their computer.
With the use of Wordpress I discovered a site that allows you to incorporate YouTube, as well as other sites Videos directly into your Wordpress sidebar – check out Vodpod – after you sign up for an account, which takes less than 30 seconds, you can ‘import’ you videos from numerous other sites and create a ‘template’ to place anywhere on the web. When someone clicks on a video on your site it opens it right on the sidebar without opening another window(which is streamlined and very neat.)
If this is your first time by my site, I invite you to read previous posts for more sites, and tools I use. Thanks for reading – more tidbits coming soon!
Justin Phillips has worked in the commercial radio industry for over fifteen years as an on air talent and behind the scenes in promotions and production. He is voiceover talent for the Radio Forecast Network and is heard daily across the US reading forecasts on tv and radio stations. Justin is a self taught member of the Social Media – and has sites on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.
Justin is also available to assist you in your business as a consultant. For more information contact him via email: -
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