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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is There a Social Media Overkill? How Much IS Too Much?

I have a lot of sites that push my voiceover business to my main site at – I am experimenting with some different blogging websites in an effort to expand my voiceover reach via different search engines. (consider it my way of taking over the world.) Of course my main site, listed above, also has links to my Facebook,, and other pages in the internet universe, but I often ask myself how much is TOO much. The answer, at least, for me right now is ‘I can’t have too much’ – in trying to build a business around my voiceovers. If I created an online business card it would have more than six links to my various sites, which I know is overkill. With all this ‘web technology’ I need to figure out what works best for me.

For example, on Twitter I am justinphillips – this is my personal account. I also have the handle jpvoice – as a voiceover account then there is the On The Air Productions by Justin Phillips account – otaproductions and another account at ontheairprod. I know you are confused, but probably not as confused as I am. Some of these accounts were created for the purpose of trial and error and a few have been taken out of the ‘Twitter Timeline.’

Fortunately, Twitter is really the only site that I have more than two accounts. I have one account on Facebook – I haven’t gone as far as created a ‘Fan page’ yet for On The Air Productions, but am considering it. Many of my ‘friends’ on Facebook that I follow outside of family and several business associates are people within the voiceover community. I have to be honest I don’t really engage many of them in conversation, I just catch their updates as far as what they are doing and occasionally comment.

I keep hearing about engaging with people which I need to do more of and I know this.

My question for you is how much IS too much? and the even scarier question – Will there be a point where 6 links on a business card is considered ‘the norm’ – if so I’m ahead of a lot of people.


--Justin Phillips

On The Air Productions

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year and New Objective

as we say goodbye to 2009 and welcome in 2010 I have decided to incorporate a more social approach in my Voiceover business. I have several Twitter accounts that I ‘tweet’ from as far as trying to get some new clients. Those accounts are listed below. I will do my best not to send out ‘business’ tweets on my main (justinphillips) account.

If you are looking for a voice for your product, business, presentation, or voicemail, feel free to visit my page at for my demos, and more about me. I have over 10 years experience in the commercial radio industry and I am also available as a radio advertising consultant.

I have two studios available to me for work, so I can get things done usually within a few hours. My rates are always negotiable to the size of the job. I am also available on Skype (justinphillipsvoice).

thanks and I look forward to working with you.


On The Air Productions/(541)232-6701

Justin Phillips TV Voiceovers