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Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Social Media Life – Where Does Your Real Life Fit In?

With all the technology around us and Social Media seeming to take over everything I thought I would write about the convergence of the technology into our everyday life. With me, I’ll post Twitter updates daily as to what I’m doing, usually using Tweedeck or Hootsuite to send the message. It’s usually along the lines of ‘It’s Tuesday, slow production day’ or ‘working on some auditions’ – I’ll even mention a client from time to time. Weekend updates are more along the lines of what movie we’re watching or what my daughter, Lileh is doing. My wife and I have decided not to post any pictures of Lileh on Twitter, however there are plenty on Facebook. (you can follow me on Facebook by clicking here)

Why did we decide to do this?

With Twitter anyone can follow anyone – I recently did some housekeeping on Twitter with a great website tool – – this site allows you to see all of your followers, as well as list them in a variety of different ways. I was somewhat surprised that about 30-40% if people following me have not posted an update to their Twitter accounts in over 30 days – most of these people I unfollowed.

With Facebook there is more security, many of the people who want to follow you have pictures and easy to read profiles, although you can also do this with Twitter if you find the right tools, Facebook seems to be more credible, as you won’t find a spam account or some real estate broker trying to get you a great deal on a home loan . Facebook is built on Friends, and in many cases Friends of Friends, which also adds to it’s credibility – and that’s what it’s about. Credibility and the fact that there is someone behind the message.

It is not that Twitter isn’t credible, in fact they are doing a lot better – I just read an article that their amount of SPAM is now around 1%, which is awesome. However with all the ‘get rich quick’ schemes it seems that SPAM on Twitter may never be fully under control.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only two Social Media outlets, there is also Google Buzz which is newer and built into Gmail. I have a Google Buzz account, but find it difficult to work with. I don’t log into my Gmail account all that often. I have setup my Twitter account to act as my Buzz for now. (I have no Buzz followers as of yet.) I realize that Google Buzz is still pretty new, it’s just going to take some time. I don’t think they will ever be as big as Twitter or Facebook.

What are your thoughts on Social Media, Privacy, and Spam?

Justin Phillips has worked in Commerical radio for over 10 years and has experience with Social Media websites and can assist you in setting up your business for Social Media success!

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