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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doing Social Media without Overdoing Social Media

I’ve noticed a lot of advertisers are now using Social Media – we received a Pottery Barn and a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail the other day, both touting to ‘Follow Them on Facebook’ – They get IT!

Dell has been involved with Social Media for quite a while and they have had great results. All of the tv networks are now on Social Media – you can now follow updates for your favorite shows.

The best way to do your social media presence is to not overdo your social media presence.

Let me explain – first, on Facebook follow someone like Ellen or Jay Leno – see how they post their updates on their shows. It’s not all about how they can “SAVE you MONEY” on EVERY post or how “Restaurant Voiceover Artists are SO Freakin’ Important.” They talk about what is relevant – a funny comment that so and so made or who is in their audience – Ellen asks to you ‘tag’ yourself if you are in an audience photo – not only is this a great way to be interactive it’s GENIUS!

We need to be more interactive with our audience and less SHOUTY. The shouty is what is making people not understand why it’s not working. If you think your going to make a quick buck by posting the same thing about how your “Waffle maker also makes Coffee, has a built in radio and also cleans the cat box and your selling it for only $49, with 5 cats free” over and over. Try another tactic – take a picture of it making coffee and waffles and submit a post to Twitter with a pic that says ‘Got Breakfast’ – just don’t post a pic of the litter box by mistake.

I always welcome your comments below – feel free to start a discussion.

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